I began working with Mike a few months back. I came into the office with several personal issues that were not only hindering my career; these issues were also seriously affecting my life and the direction I was traveling in.

Through 'Therapy' with Mike, I learned how to cope better with stress (and what a pile I had) and utilize it in a more positive way. Perhaps one of the most important skills I have learned is how to make 'Achievable Goals'

I used to be quite angry and aggressive from the stress too. I felt the world was conspiring against me. I am glad to say, those days are behind me. Even though the stress still exists I am a happier 'Me'.

I intend on having Mike help me with becoming a smoke free person and am already certain of the success as it is an 'achievable goal' with NLP. I can truly say that because of the help Mike has given me, my life has been made better. Thanks Mike!

Yours Truly